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All our courses

Drawing course

Drawing course

Drawing is the basis of all other artistic disciplines.
From observation you will learn how to make your hand obey your brain…
Drawing course

Painting course

Painting course

Starting with simple exercises, based on drawing and color, we will advance in complexity.
Painting course

Sculpture course

Sculpture course

If you want to learn the techniques, tools, and secrets necessary to bring your ideas to life, we have a course for you.
Sculpture course

Artistic glass courses

Artistic glass courses

We offer courses in Stained glass, Glass painting and Glass sculpture.

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Drawing, painting, sculpture and glass.

Tarjeta regalo de cursos de arte del Espai Medusa

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Other courses

We also offer courses for admission to Fine Arts or specific techniques. Contact us to learn more


Basic rules for all courses

Some rules that help the activities to develop harmoniously.

Consult the rules

Latest blog entries

Our Working Method in Sculpture: Auguste Rodin and His Quest for Truth

When it comes to starting work in sculpture, we encounter different methodological proposals that rest on various conceptions of what art is and what its objectives are.

Our workshop is fundamentally based on the teachings of the great sculptor Auguste Rodin, combined with other influences such as the Bauhaus.

The Foundation of Art for Rodin is Nature, a sovereign master and infinite perfection. In it lies the Truth, the beginning and end of his mission

Books About Art to Gift Inspiration.

“The Story of Art” by E.H. Gombrich: “Color Psychology” by Eva Heller: “On Drawing” by John Berger: “Dictionary of the Arts” by Félix de Azúa: “Color Manual” by Simon Jennings: “Anatomy Drawing School” with drawings by András Szunyoghy and text by György Fehér: “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger: “Anatomy for the Artist” by Sarah…

The Importance of Learning to Draw: Developing Skills and Awakening Creativity.

The art of drawing, far from being just a pastime, is a skill that goes beyond putting images on paper. Learning to draw not only opens the doors to personal expression but also brings a series of benefits that positively impact various aspects of life. Here are some compelling reasons why learning to draw is…

Our studio

Open since 2006, our art studio offers courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, and artistic glass.

Our goal is to foster creativity and expression in a relaxed and inspiring environment, allowing both beginner and advanced students to explore their artistic potential.

If you want to visit us, let us know and we’ll be waiting for you.

  C/ Topazi 31, Barcelona


657384676 / 651853347

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