Basic rules for all courses

You can start at any time of year, and are intended for all kinds of people: beginners, intermediate and advanced. In all cases, the materials and the use of tools are included, so you do not have to bring anything to class.


There are some rules that help our activities to be harmonic, both for those who receive the classes, and the professors that give them. Suggestions are welcome.

1. The amount of each course is paid from 1 to 5 of every month, in advance. Punctuality is requested in the monthly payment.

2. Lack of class attendance does not imply non-payment of the monthly payment or a discount for the classes that might be lost.

3. The course price includes all necessary materials. There are no extra charges, unless the student wishes to use canvas for painting, which are their responsibility, as well as all other materials or big quantities of them that are not in the program.

4. When you can not attend a class and want to retrieve it, you must give us and advance notice of 2 days as minimum, in order to organize schedules. Otherwise, the class is lost.

5. The possibility to retrieve classes is not an obligation from our studio. Notices must be by mail, phone, Whatsapp or SMS.

6. Classes can be recovered only within the current month.

7. Public holidays are not recovered.

8. Whoever has to leave before the end of the class, or arrives late, will not have the right to recover the missing minutes.

9. The studio reserves the right to reschedule a time if there is not a minimum number of students.

10. In regular classes, each class lasts two hours (2 hrs.), that includes the last 10 minutes to collect materials, clean tools, take out your works and leave the used area in conditions.

11. In intensive courses, the duration of each class depends on the student. The total duration of intensive courses is of one month and a half, unless previously agreed differently.

12. Works should be removed from the studio in a maximum of one (1) month after the course ends. Since then we can not be responsible for them.

13. It is necessary to notify with a minimum of 15 days the cessation of the regular classes in order not to have to pay the following month

14. In special cases we can always try to get to an agreement, but trying that the solutions are benefitial for both sides.