Arte en Verano en Barcelona !!!


Aprovecha este verano para acercarte al arte o profundizar en alguna técnica. No importa si eres principiante o tienes experiencia: hay un lugar para tí en nuestro taller. Ampliamos las propuestas y te ofrecemos flexibilidad horaria para que te olvides de las excusas: –Dibujo Pintura EsculturaVidrierasPintura sobre vidrioEscultura en vidrio (nuevo) –Fusing (nuevo) –Vidrio artístico (2 o más técnicas de vidrio) –Interdisciplinares (2 o más disciplinas)

Cursos a partir de 12 hs. ** No cerramos en junio, julio ni agosto ** Más info en:

October with freeTuition !!!

For those who still have not taken the first step, Espai Medusa offers:

  • 1 class of 2 hours. Free Trial
  • And prices do not go up despite Iva

Registration is open throughout the year.

Hours Monday through Friday, morning and evening, and Saturday mornings. flexible hours

All levels.

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Artistic Glass: stained glass, painting on glass and glass sculpture.

and much more…

Contact us without obligation.

Art during Summer in Barcelona

If you stay in Barcelona this summer or if you come for a short holiday, our studio will be open.

You can start at any time.

  • Intensive courses (10% off during the summer)
  • Regular courses
  • Courses “on demand” (as)
  • Multidisciplinary courses: two or more disciplines combined.
  • Drawing: pencil, charcoal, inks, chalks, pastels, etc..

Painting: acrylic, watercolor, oil, ink, mixed media, etc..

Sculpture: ceramic, plaster molds, latex and silicone, plaster, cement, resin, etc..

Artistic glass: stained glass, glass painting in grisaille and enamel, glass sculpture (slumping, fusing, casting).

All levels, all the hours.

Contact us and we send you the information.

Good summer to all!