Las técnicas de realización de vidrieras desde su origen hasta la actualidad. Continue readi [...]
Aprovecha este verano para acercarte al arte o profundizar en alguna técnica. Continue reading [...]
Stained glass requires an artistic design, as well as specific knowledge to carry it out. Our idea is to convert technical skills in own creative expressions Glass is cut [...]
In this course we will apply different glass painting techniques , using grisaille and enamels. These paintings, once fired, are part of the glass. Our idea is to conver [...]
Glass is a unique material for expressing yourself through sculpture. Transparent or colored, ductile, and amazingly versatile, can be used in almost all types of works. [...]
If you have worked with glass and you know that it’s your material, you need to go deeper, learning more advanced techniques. We will work with casting making compl [...]
Learn the fundamentals of the glass work with fusing techniques. We will use the furnace to achieve pieces in which the glass is fused, leading to amazing results. Our id [...]
We offer you to learn to work the glass to a very special price. You will learn the process to create your own pieces: lamps, glass, etc. Our idea is to convert technic [...]