Art during Summer in Barcelona

If you stay in Barcelona this summer or if you come for a short holiday, our studio will be open.

You can start at any time.

  • Intensive courses (10% off during the summer)
  • Regular courses
  • Courses “on demand” (as)
  • Multidisciplinary courses: two or more disciplines combined.
  • Drawing: pencil, charcoal, inks, chalks, pastels, etc..

Painting: acrylic, watercolor, oil, ink, mixed media, etc..

Sculpture: ceramic, plaster molds, latex and silicone, plaster, cement, resin, etc..

Artistic glass: stained glass, glass painting in grisaille and enamel, glass sculpture (slumping, fusing, casting).

All levels, all the hours.

Contact us and we send you the information.

Good summer to all!