Drawing for Tattoo Intensive Course (Basic Level)


This course is aimed at both those people interested in getting started in the discipline of tattooing, such as those who already exercise but would like to expand their technical knowledge of drawing and design.

The main objective is to obtain the necessary resources to carry out the copy of an existing design or photo, as well as to create your own designs and undertake the search of a personal style.


12 hours, divided into 6 sessions of 2 hours over a month in the following schedules:

  • – Wednesday: 17 to 19 hs. – 19 to 21 hs.
  • – Thursday: 11 to 13 hs. – 17 to 19 hs. – 19 to 21 hs.
  • – Friday: 11 to 13 hs. – 17 to 19 hs. – 19 to 21 hs.
  • – Saturday: 11 to13 hs.


150 €


  1. Brief introduction to the history of tattooing: The evolution of tattooing throughout history will be briefly explained. (With dossier)
  2. Materials and types of tattoos: We will learn to distinguish the different styles of tattoos and the material used in their production. We will look at the existing needle types and their equivalent in drawing.
  3. The line: We will discover the tricks to delineate with safety and sharpness.
  4. Form and volume: We will know how to distinguish tonal values and to get clean gradients.
  5. Realism: We will apply the acquired knowledge to achieve the execution of a realistic drawing following an appropriate process to the application of the tattoo.
  6. Fitting and proportions: We will learn to correctly fit the elements in a plane and to understand the proportions by means of geometric shapes.
  7. Customers and design: We will face several problems that may arise in the creation or adaptation of designs for different types of customers.
  8. Personal project: We will talk about ideas, composition, pictorial language and references. The student will have to face with some autonomy several problems in order to materialize his own idea in a design.